My Fortnite Trick to get free skins all the time!

I’ve been playing this game since September 2017 and the only complaint I have is the poor optimization. While it has come a long way since September, it’s still nothing compared to other games. The play style i awesome and the game mechanics make sense so overall I would recommend this to anyone that has a rig that can run it at high 60fps. While some of you might not believe this, I actually get all my skins for free on fortnite, this video literally explains it all: how to get skins in fortnite for free

Fortnite is fun and enjoyable, however you will crash from time to time, and it is sorta un-optimized no question.
Still, the game has lot’s of potential and the servers work and the playerbase is semi-good at best.
If you want to give this game a try, then go for it. (Personally i’d wait a while get this game)

Also as a side note, you may want to look up tips to play this game, it’s hard and does require a good PC to run optimized.

Games been out how long now and servers are still crap, people are still hacking away, and now game is just no even remotely consitent with damage and gun fights. Been playing since alpha and its only gotten worse.