You can now download Fortnite on the Xbox 360!

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While your at it, read my fortnite xbox 360 review:

When this game was in Beta, it was great. It was new, it was fresh. There wasn’t contraversy between Fortnite and this game in any way. Over the course of the last 8 months, this game has changed in huge ways. Mostly in not so good ways. Their changes seem to baffle me as to what the developers were thinking. Updates to the user interface, the way the game has been “balanced”, the way the game looks….it went from having a high skill cap to trying to do everything it could to welcome new players into the game. Granted, from a company standpoint, that is a good thing. As a serious player of the game for a long time, the changes they made no longer suit the type of game I wish to continue playing. All crates now requiring keys purchased to open. Adding the level feature like CS:GO. Changing weapon attachments which again, utterly baffles me. Screwing up the way vehicles drive. Things that have NEVER gotten fixed. Grenade trajectory. Scopes that are utterly garbage like the 3x. Adding weapons in world that should never be found by anybody like the M24. I could go on and on and on.

This game has turned a 180 as far as how it should of been developed. It is clearly only a game developers want to try and pry peoples wallets to make more money off of, instead of making a good game.

If you want battle royale, by this point, I would recommend fortnite, or some other style game. This games no longer worth your 20$.