How you can get your Love Ranger Skin for FREE!

Can’t remember the last time I had fun playing this game. I’ve tried to play it on and off for the past few months and it’s just boring. New maps, guns, and scopes don’t fix the fundamental issues with this game. Just feels like the devs are adding useless stuff to distract from how terrible this game really is. Although i do love how you can get free skins in fortnite 😉 Watch this youtube clip: how to get love ranger for free

Its a pretty solid game for me, granted ive played it for a whole 2 hrs but pretty ok overall, little bugs here and there (i saw a flying car and everything) its an ok game but the price is a bit much, the skill it takes to control recoil is hard but not as hard as cs (i cant spray in that game for the life of me). But yeah its pretty nice

incomplete game, almost 1,5 years the game has been playable and no noticeable performance fix.
you buy a game and you need to buy keys to open up lootbox crates.
you buy season pass that only lasts 4 weeks and still need to grind through missions to unlock things. just like fortnite. the difference is fortnite is free.
game is buggy and still has awkward animations, latency issues,
built as monitizing way as possible to drain our money.