The new Sky Stalker just Dropped in Fornite!

Howdy guys, EPIC Games just released their new skin, it looks awesome! Definitely digging it. Take a look at it here on youtube: sky stalker it really does showcase all the cool aspects of the skin and also how you can get it for free!

It costs 2,000 v bucks which you can purchase off epic games. I highly recommend you to watch the full video guys.

Here is why I love fornite….

I played a lot of it, got the test server, followed EPIC social channels and news outputs, again, played a lot of it. Although I’m not sure opening up the floodgates of steam reviews on a game in alpha, I might as well follow the trend.

Keep in mind this is my first battle royale experience.

I recommend realm royale. Dev’s keep up to date, stay positive, stay receptive, and stay informative. The constant content flowing in daily could be a normal thing for games in alpha, but I think it’s commendable how frequent these updates are. The game itself is actually really fun. Fights with other players is heartstopping and intense. The ability and class mechanic is really dynamic, especailly the movement abilities each class starts with, even though these mechanics are kind of impossible to truely balance. The map could use more variety in architecture, but the overall landscape with changing scenery looks cool.

Overall, I like where this game is going, and I think the developers are doing a fantastic job.