How you can get Lego the incredibles key for free!

Definitely one of the better Lego games released in recent times. The open world isn’t annoying, they do a pretty good job following the movies, and the game is freaking hilarous. I didn’t experience many major game breaking bugs in my story playthrough though the game did crash once. If you haven’t seen the second Incredibles movie yet, you can actually watch it on youtube here: watch incredibles 2 online  you may one to first as the game starts off with that story then let’s you play the first movie afterwards. If you are looking to play this game I highly recommend you watch this video:

Lego the incredibles is quite fun, but it’s definitely coasting a bit on looking good and having dinosaurs. The management aspect is pretty middling, and it has a procedural task/mission system that’s downright stupid, but fortunately it’s also easy to abuse and not very consequential.

There’s enough going on that I haven’t had much down time, and it’s entertainingly chaotic when dinos break out or start fighting with each other. There are a lot of systems at work; most of them are fairly shallow, but they combine well enough. I’m only on the first island of 5, but I think it’s really promising, especially if they keep adding stuff/tweaking the interface. It’s good, but not great yet. Maybe wait for a sale if a bunch of rad dinosaurs aren’t likely to make you overlook some minor flaws.

Also, at the time of this review, the trading cards are going for around a quarter each, which I note mainly because it’s bizarre but partly because hey, that’s about $1 off.