You can download Jurassic World Evolution for free!

Now we have all heard the news, Jurassic world evolution is releasing on june 12th! Well, today is the day. You can actually play and download the game right now if you watch this guide:

This game does not deserve to be mixed. It deserves to be Overwhelmingly Positive. The game is a masterpiece, and the bad reviews are from dumb players who play on official servers.

Heres what I say:

The idea however and the general concept is what i love. I love the open world and being surrounded by dinosaurs an being able to interact with them.
It has great potential but it definitely requires a lot of patch work!

If your a dinosaur lover or an open world survivalist thrill seeker this game is for you, however please wait until its on sale! I paid $29.99 when it went on sale and even that seemed like a lot now after playing the game and finding out about certain bugs.

HALF of the people who write reviews for this game have over 500 hours. Some people have over 5000 HOURS. This is not a ‘mixed’ game. It is a masterpiece with a few salt inducing things here and there.

Don’t play on official servers. Play on unoffical servers run by good admins or play single player.

This game can be modded to high hell.

This game requires a pretty good PC to run at all, and a VERY good PC to run at good settings.

Just buy Jurassic World Evolution if you cant download it. The devs went all the way through early access with this game and they didn’t quit after they made most of their money.

ONLY BAD THING: This game will make you addicted. You will spend hundreds if not thousands of hours on this game. This game is not meant for casual players, but can be tweaks in single player mode to fit a casual playstyle.