Lords Mobile on ios and android is SUPER FUN!

Lords mobile is neither a wasted premise nor a bland game. I was shocked to see so many negative or middling reviews when my own experience has been almost uniformly positive. I understand why some people might not salivate over its occasionally derivative gameplay, but the criticism here has been downright harsh. I have also came across some of these amazing lords mobile hacks that can help you get free gems! This game is good. It’s not great, but it’s “fine.” If a better-than-average game with a vampire theme doesn’t interest you, don’t buy it.

Whether or not it’s worth the full price depends mostly on your taste. It’s not Dark Souls. and it’s not Wild Hunt. It is, however, a fun experience in a rich, visually-interesting world with lots to investigate and characters worth caring about. I think a lot of people have gone in with completely mistaken expectations. Lords mobile has charisma, good voice acting, an interesting story, a very involving “citizen” mechanic, and lots to discover. I’m loving just investigating the city and stumbling upon new adventures.

This is my first review and I’m making it because I feel that this game is being misjudged. It’s true the combat could be more challenging and there are too many mobs. There should be difficulty settings because the experience system is flawed.

That being said this game is incredible. The amount of npc character interactions is immense and each of these interactions contribute to a deep level of storytelling. I’ve spent hours weeving my way around a dark and brooding london trying to unlock each npc’s story arc. I’m not doing it for the blood but for the sheer beuty of their lives.

The main story is also astounding in its complexity and rich detail. It is a culmination of all you could want in a vampire game. The hints of lore (sometimes huge doses of the stuff) is enough to pull you in for hours upon hours.

In short I am in love with this game and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys an amazing storytelling experience.