MotoGP 18 – The best moto game to date? Oh and you can download it for free!

Beautiful graphics, probably the best multiplayer other than iracing, smooth gameplay / works well at high FPS. Great selection of cars and tracks, everything from Group C monsters to road cars. I am really enjoying the new track circuits and new engine types in the bikes, this game is definitely worth a download… Just watch this video it will explain how to get for free: motogp 18 free download There is some off-road tracks and cars but it’s limited for now. As for the actual driving it isn’t as good as say rFactor 2, but it’s pleasantly close and is by no means an “arcade” game. If your on the fence this is the time, PC2 for 25 dollars is a steal! I spent 90 dollars on the Deluxe and I assure you it’s worth it. Is it iRacing, no. But for you guys that want to get into the racing sim world without breaking the bank or putting up with other racing sims that seem to have 10 year long betas (I’m looking at your RF2) this is the game.

The UI could use a little work as there’s still a couple nagging issues with scrolling and whatnot, but its functional and hopefully addressed in the near future. Rain (much like other racing sims) plummets frame rates, but even at 60fps I’ve noticed this game is still smooth.

Most fun I’d say is the mixed classes feature. Don’t take this for granted as the AI is actually pretty decent in this game, and the AI work well other other classes of cars. Overall I can recommend pulling the trigger!!  The only downside to motogp 18 is it will not run on HTC Vive, everytime I go to load the game, it locks up, no matter what im trying to do. Have not yet got on the race track at all. My pc more than meets the requirements. I bought the deluxe V. with all the goodies, and I cant even play the game…