How to get Battlefield V Beta Key for FREE on pc, xbox and ps4!

Okay, yes you can now play the battlefield 5 new beta… down below i will give my 2 cents on my review of it, but heres how you get your hands on a free beta key: free battlefield 5 beta key

I remember playing this when it first came out. The game was always just silly fun and for the most part was a good community of players. So, I figured I would boot it up and try it again. Wow, not the case anymore. The game as a result of the general community is toxic, and balance breaking updates make it no longer viable for fair public play. The Spy already made this game very frustrating, but the more you play you can learn to (for the most part) detect and stop the spy. However, the soldier and demoman have become extremley powerful through game updates and the item system. Constant one shot kills from these two classes, and the heavy was made weaker which is supposed to be the tank class. Even with the balance problems, with teamwork the game can still be fun if these were the only issues…

I cannot of course speak for everyone that plays, but I can tell you that around half of the public servers we’ve tried over the past couple weeks have blatent cheaters. It is still possible to find a good game here and there on specific servers that watch for it, but those are few and far between. With the blatent hacks (players with young accounts that get all head shots and never miss, see through walls, etc..), costant idiotic banter in chat/voice, and the balance problems it’s just no longer “fun”. The game is dying because of this, and if Valve doesn’t do something it will continue to loose players to other games.

You honestly can’t find a better team based shooter anywhere that’s free.