Street Fighter 30th Anniversary for FREE in 2018!

What is Street Fighter? Should you purchase and install? Read below and make up your mind…

Survival, crafting, modding, lore, co-op, PVP, PVE, MEGA Base building that frankly destroys the competition with content. Thrall’s (humas that you capture, enslave to carry out your production!)

Vista’s are superb, alternative biomes are worth the adventure not to mention the detail that has been placed in each to ensure that each stands out from the. Detail into available resources at each biome is cleverly balanced, thus making you traverse the map to acquire what you need. Base location and setup is important and mistakes will be made, however mistakes are good! Now if it you want it for free: Street Fighter Free

For me, Street Fighter delivers the brief, massive weapon and character play style customization, boss fights and wide array of mobs to destroy and harvest in many ways. You want to build a city….nothing’s stopping you with many open areas and enough space, it’ll be your own imagination holding you back (oh and will power).

My reccomend playing on top difficulty and set your challange from the start..
Not bad if they actually keep it up and continue and not just drop the game after a year like other devs have done. About the only two things that I can complain about since Launch is the fact that there aren’t any mounts with this big map and starting out, the amount of resources you get from farming vs the amount required to craft is unbalanced af. The initial grind for a solo player on a 1.0x server can be rough especially for a new player and getting to level 20 is challenging and not in a good way as I find myself just in a time suck of running from a/b over and over and over and over getting stone and wood. a 2.0x harvesting server has been the most enjoyment thus far, with a new update!

Other than that they are definitely on the right track.
Perhaps also maybe increasing server sizes. 40 is a bit small for something this big, no?