Dark Soul Remastered for free?

This game is hilarous, good stories and the combat is amazing

However, the game is like a victim. It’s nice on the outside and when you look at the screenshots and others reviews, but when you actually explore it and play it, its filled with bugs, glitches and i want to keep the game’s deep dark secrets hidden, but honestly i can’t. if you think you can be a psychiatrist to this victim of a game and you can ignore the glitches then sure. Get the game, but i would say wait until further patches if there are going to be any.

Dark Souls Remastered I actually found my new favorite game — even topping the Witcher series.

Graphics are 8/10 — the textures are amazing, though you might notice some lag in their loading, some clipping, etc.
Gameplay is 9.5/10 — Skill trees and progression are highly customizable. Various activities (related to skills) are very diverse, and progression is rewarding. Combat is very fluid. Opponents are not absolute idiots that fight one at a time, so (much more realistically) being outnumbered is a sorry situation, even for high-level Henry, so you might think twice about engaging or actually have to run or surrender. If I had any suggestion, I’d make stealth a bit harder during the day, though — I can be standing in broad daylight in the middle of the road and NPC’s don’t notice me from like 10 feet away (if I wear the right gear).
Story is 10/10 — The drunken merrymaking is realistic and entertaining, the characters are extremely relatable and interesting, and the very fact that they researched into *actual* martial arts for the time was profound to me. I found myself changing my opinion of particular characters as I got to know them.

I’ve fallen in love with this game and recommend it to anybody looking for an immersive role-playing experience. However don’t get this game if you want to be decked out in legendary armor fighting mythical beasts or casting spells. There’s no magic or mythical things. What we do have is a great innovative combat system, lots of humans to interact with (whether you’re killing them, stealing from them or talking to them) and so many free choices its insane.