The COD: Black Ops 4 Beta is here….. and you can play too!

Black Ops 4, the newest run and gun in the call of duty series, it, could use some bug fixes and improved controls tho. It seems like they should have dealt with all this during Early Acesss. Bodies sometimes fly off into nowhere, unconscious thralls being dragged will do the same. The building, climbing, and walking controls are all excellent. Building places exactly where you want it to, and I have yet to be forced to jerry-rig a structure to build it. But combat… the lock on system needs serious work. You can lock onto your friends, even if youre in the same clan. Numerous times I’ve tried to lock onto an enemy only to target my friend 5 times until I give up. Hitboxes are extremely strange, and attacks that should hit you/the enemy whiff completely. Enemy archers backpeddle faster than you can move forward (despite players having a movement penalty for backpeddleing) and rarely miss shots. Mobs will snap back up after being knocked down and will be mid swing the moment theyre on their feet, causing a knockdown to turn into an undodgeable attack. Your bow is only useful for drawing aggro when you don’t want to pull an entire group. The fun is definitely there, but for a game with such a fleshed out combat system there is just not enough polish to actually enjoy it. However, if you are interested in playing the bo4 beta check out this video: black ops 4 beta key!

The beta is available on ps4, xbox and pc for those wondering, I was playing the beta and it is very fun when playing with a group of friends. If you enjoy shooting games with out guns then there is nothing out there that will beat this game and its well worth the money. Don’t just focus first thing on building a massive fortress.. Build small get some basic stuff and move up the map find dungeons and gain new crafting recipes for weapons and armor and some pvp. Get wooped in pvp? Its time to improve that gear, Build that massive guarded fortress with NPC thrall body guards and start working on enslaving those named thralls that craft much better armor and weapons and drag him/her back to the fortress to be put on the wheel of pain.. broken in then forced to craft you that armor and now its time to get back to that revenge.. the guy who killed you has friends now and your even fight turned into a 1 vs 5 and u lose that new armor.. NOT A PROBLEM its now time as a solo player to do some hard core farming.. (by this i mean slaying thralls till u find that archpriest) once u find him u spend a little time and get that god alter to lvl3 and now its time to summon the clan slayer god to get that revenge. (this is not easy but its very possible) and for those willing to grind will end up summoning a god. Once you have him he will destroy just about any base.
The gods are no easy task and you will rarely see one but for those solo guys who get picked on by a big clan may have the drive to grind one of these gods for his/her use. Try it