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My World of Warcraft Beta Experience so far:

Wonderful graphics and art style
Engaging combat
Never run out of things to do

Quest line isn’t translated well to english…leaves one lost and confused at times
One of the grindier mmorpg expansions.

BFA is a great game, i would recommend to anyone who like MMORPG games I will admit the fighting mechanics are unlike any other game i have ever played, no key smashing (besides directional and a few other combonations) but i would GREATLY recommend anyone to play this game… See you on the battle grounds friends 🙂 Oh and if you’re wondering how to get a beta key, just watch this video: wow beta key
I was hyped for the longest time xD i spent a while fishing and gathering and just enjoying the view… well i realized the hard way this game forces pvp and they think it wont be bad with a karma system everytime ur killed the killer gets penalized well… lets just say you will get camped and forced to move if you are in someones “spot” lol… I wanted to do raids and dungeon in parties well apparently the dungeons are just monsters standing around and not instanced and you can do it alone :/ and raids are not here… I should of read into more of the comments i just wish it was pve only servers stayed pve and not force pvp on you after a certain level you obtain… get ready to be flagged and killed 24/7.