Darkest Dungeon Review

This is one of the best RPG’s ever made. You project a narrative onto an already robust story, getting attached to characters you name after your friends and watching them die, only to be resurrected in-name-only.

While it’s expertly crafted as 2d, it seems more immersive than the early 3d dungeon crawls I fell in love with.

If only they’d make some sort of World of Darkness official mod. But then this world is already dark enough.
So its a side scroller dungeon RPG. If you’ve played the maxed out graphics of other titles but you found them somehow shallow I’d try this. What makes it different is having to take care of you hero’s terror. They develop psycological disorders form their dungeon crawling with hilerous effects(abusive is my favourite). The devs made a cracking darkly funny tittle but most importantly its hard. Your party of hero’s that you put hours into can and will die permently. If you want a dungeon crawler thats more than button bashing and punishes you for not paying attention then give it a try. If you want to have you quicksave preventing any loss or consequence then STAY AWAY. Enjoy but be advised not for the faint of heart as only the brave or the mad attempt the Darkest Dungeon. Oh I only by games in sale.

I come back to play from time to time to remind myself how much I hate this game. There’s a lot of jokes going around that you have to be masochistic to play DD, you do have to masochistic and i can’t see any way you couldn’t.
Would recommend, it is a good game, I just can’t.

Nice music, nice story, nice everything… but from a game I want the feeling that what I do matters, either in failing or succeeding.
Here is luck, luck and again luck, and if you’re lucky, you’d easily loose loot because your inventory is full of s-h-i-t that you have to bring around. If you going to get this game, just get it for free: how to get darkest dungeon for free