My Frostpunk Review – TLDR: Get it for free….

Great Game.

BLUF: Challenging. Moral decisions that will shock you & impact gameplay. Multiple missions & moral/mechanic choices to allow replayability, if you don’t care about child labor, fighting rings, & nightly public executions then these moral decisions may have no impact on you.

I’m a big fan of surival buillding games & this one is very unique & challenging. I have to admit that I was able to beat it on my first attempt but i barely survived certain elements that i won’t talk about to avoid spoiling. I could have done things a lot differently & am looking forward to a second play through where i do things different/better.

At the time of writing this view I have 9.9 hours of play in frostpunk. The first play through took me about 8-9 hours. Especially towards the end i spent A LOT of time in full fast forward because It was 3-4am & i was trying to finish before work in the morning!! this game is addicting.

I read some reviews that suggested the playthroughs are short due to a the missions having a designated end time. It is true the story (for at least the first mission) will end after a certain period of time… (unclear if this is a designated time or based on certain progression points. I would say the average player, not rushing to complete before bed could easily take 10-16 hours on the first compaign & probably 2-5 attempts before winning (so easily 10-24 hours of play on the first mission). So I wouldn’t consider this a short game AT ALL. So on to should you buy frostpunk… Well, yes its a good game but why pay your hard earned $$$ when you can get frostpunk free steam key just by watching a video!

There are more then 1 missions & several different ways to advance & “adapt”.

I think everyone can look at the game differently but overall I think the biggest challenege of the game is to negatively adpat as little as possible.

I’m running Nvidia 980×2 & 16gig memory on 2k resoultion & i have to admit I have performance issues, especially later in the game when the snow comes in. I’ve turned the graphics down one notch from max & still run mostly around 50fps & when fully zoomed out can get down to 40fps. I plan to mess with this more… I’m sure i can get the FPS where i want them & if i decreased to 1080 this wouldn’t be a problem at all i’m sure. I didn’t expect a city survivor to be such a resource hog but the game is VERY beautiful so It is worth it & i need to upgrade.