Armello Game Review!

A great time waster.

The game has good mechanics and makes the player use tactics and skill to win but even if you are the best player in the world, you can be RNGed to defeat. This is not necessarily a bad think as luck should always be a factor in life. Thinkers with quick problem-solving skills and plan B’s should be promoted and this happens effectively through them being able to adapt faster when their main goals are negated. Personally, understanding that I did my best and lost is a bigger reward than winning a game. Just consider the fact that today the RNG is against you but tomorrow will be your best friend. If you consider that the RNG is always your enemy you are ether really ungrateful or a very bad player.

The game has a few game breaking bugs that will sometime make you quit a game you are about to win, or lose, or enjoy. And considering that each game is 45-60 (or even more) minutes, it can make you feel like they make you throw away 1-2 hours a day…

I consider¬†armello expensive for what it offers and I really don’t like the fact that the DLC’s that add just a few heroes cost extra, I would honestly just get this game for free from a friend, or check out this video: how to get armello for free! The sole reason that makes me recommend this game is the fact that in a month you can probably make your money back by selling the dice you find in game on the steam market. I did.

I really like the game but Not to the point that I would buy it for 20. Wait for a 50% offer like I did.

I’m so addicted to this digital board game! Fun to play online, it looks gorgeous, it has a decent balance/difficulty ratio, excellent music and daily freebies as well! Plus, it keeps being updated!

On the con side, it can get buggy sometimes and it can become grindy if you are looking to get the cool dice and other online gaming perks.