Injustice 2: Legendary Edition is it worth a buy

Overall, Injustice 2 is a brilliant game. The graphics are spectacular, the side quests save you from getting burned out on the main quest line, the humour and the easter eggs pack an oodle of character in. I played through with my partner in Co-op mode, so this review will mostly include my feelings on that.

Be aware that it still has a LOT of bugs! They didn’t make the game unplayable for the most part, they were just an irritating niggle that could take you out of the immersion apart from the last bug we found. The common things like AI being stuck, quest people just standing (I suggest shooting them and reviving, it normally works.) and floating guns / wiggling dead ragdoll animations were manageable. But upon playing the final quest, flashes of light happened and it froze both our games and crashed us. Upon coming back, it was over and just showed us the credits!!!!!11 So we will never know what happened unless we play through completely again or watch someones youtube video which was beyond frustrating!

In Co-op mode, which was the whole reason I bought this game, you cannot save story progression for the person who isn’t hosting. This means that because my Boyfriend hosted, I haven’t unlocked any of the perks or weapons for killing the main characters or quests, despite doing them. It does allow you to keep and earn perk points, your weapons, challenges etc. But it is so very, very irritating that you aren’t able to get the progress on the storyline or at least have an option like you do at the beginning on if you’d like to keep the progression saved or not for those that don’t. Once I’ve played through, since the storyline is mostly unchangeable and I have to say some of the quests can be rather repetitive, I don’t want to have to play through again.

I have to say…I love to fish. Despite loving cute, fluffy things in real life I also love to pixel hunt! I do wish they’d done more with this, given you a hunger bar so you actually had more of a purpose to it than just money or challenges. Even giving more challenges or funny achievements would have been great. I feel like it was a lot of wasted potential there on something that was a really, really fun part of the game with some brilliant mechanics. I’d love to see the ability to make arcade challenges to do with the hunting/fishing as well. It is also really frustrating when you’re trying to land a whopper when you are constantly under attack. The enemy seems to know where you are no matter what and later on the game the constant helicopters, trucks and heck, wildlife that turn up to kill you when you’re just trying to have a bit of peace is ridiculous.

For my last couple niggles, they are all pretty random issues for me. Like being unable to actually shoot as the 2nd person in a helicopter it is SO IRRITATING and very boring for the co-op player and why oh why can’t you hire 2 animal companions at the same time?! (They are the only ones that don’t drive me mad with their talking…plus y’know, cute.) The baddies were a bit 2d, I find the idea of a cult cliche and a bit tired and although they were very well voiced and animated, the storyline and dialogue let them down and didn’t make them feel particularly interesting, the same with a lot of the characters you meet with a few exceptions. Injustice 2 does feel like a great game, however it does have its downsides… If you are looking at buying it, i would just get injustice 2 free ps4 as it is way easier just following that video!

Yet despite my multiple grumbles, we had a lot of fun. Bull balls, shovel throwing, leaping off buildings onto unsuspecting baddies, petting puppers and kitties, Cheeseburger the Bear, gosh darn Honey Badgers, the line “It should say wrath, not rat!”, wingsuits, Making Montana great again, sticky explosives, neck snapping, fishing and hunting (Needs more purpose), beautiful scenery, satirical quests, driving, arson, beautiful guns with epic paint jobs, (Though it would be nice for more variety) and yknow, being able to cause chaos and save the world with the person I love. So overall, 3.5 outta 5 from me and I still say buy it!