Far Cry 5 RELEASE! My Review + Free DOWNLOAD!

This is best far cry game in my opinion. I planted dynamite, had 15 seconds to escape, jumped in the water, started to get attacked by an crocodile and got a phone call (in game) at the same time. So I think this happened: I mist a shot on a guy and hit a tiger instead, then the tiger ran up to the guy and killed him.
The good: good graphics, good gameplay, the guns were less shoddy than far cry 2. not that was is difficult, dear god the models were abysmal.

The bad: the spawn rates, Jesus. i killed 12 carloads of people in a row, ran out of ammo, knifed 3 more to death and got killed in about 2 minutes.

The ugly: i didnt realize that it required uplay, and only noticed when it was halfway through installing that raging dumpster fire on my computer. i feel violated. However, you can just get far cry 5 free from that video.

Overall: Far Cry is a fun adventure/action game you will use usually always have fun whether your hunting man or beast it is also accompanied with a great story line.

The story is great, the characters are pretty cool, and the island is the most best  thing I’ve seen in a game for a long time. Honestly, I thought the game was fun 97% of the time.

On 3/27/18 (the date I completed the game) I was on the mission where you had to steal a privateer recruit uniform. 6 hours after that, I completed the game.

My favorite character was Sam, as he was the coolest, most awesome looking, and best suit for this shitland known as rook.

The ending was kinda meh I have to say.

I finished this game on hard mode, and it was awesome. It made me stumped on some parts and made me really enjoy others. The amount of loss in the game is heavy, even to characters you don’t know as well.

Overall, I loved the shit out of this game. Definitely a full price buy.
Date Complete: 3/27/18 (Hard Mode)