My Ni no Kuni II review!

This is the premiere RPG experience on PC this gen. Not only that, but it is one of the best RPGs of all time. I could go on for way too long about this game so instead, I will break it down into bullet points.

-Excellent NPC interaction. In many RPGs, most NPCs wandering around a town will only grunt or say a single line. In this game, almost every NPC has a reletively deep conversation to be had.

-The way companions fit into the story and gameplay is what sets this game apart. I think the biggest hook of this game is how dynamic your interactions with your party members are. I played this game single player (which I would reccomend) and without spoiling anything specific, every member of your party has the potential to be “the chosen one” this creates an interesting tension between you and your companions. You befriend them and romance them throughout, but the knowledge that eventually, induvidual motives may force you to turn on them creates an incredibly satisfying dynamic in both the story and the gameplay areas of this game.

-Most of the time objectives are open ended to the point where it is up to you to figure out exactly how you will acomplish it. This is more than what many games tout as player choice. It is not just “YOU CAN DO COMBAT OR YOU CAN SNEAK”. It’s deeper than that. You can navigate your way through the world, siding with various factions as you inch your way towards your goals. The world usually follows a consistent set of rules, which is conducive for player driven plans to be carried out.

-Combat is pretty much the best fantasy RPG combat you can find. It is “turn based” which may turn some people off at first glance but trust me. This isn’t your average turn based combat. The fights are visually pleasing, detailed, and tense despite the turn based nature. The game also takes full advantage of the slower combat pace to weave in a lot of interesting story telling in the middle of combat scenarios. The way the camera zips around from person to person as they are carrying out their actions lends the whole thing a certain cinematic flair as dynamic combat stories unfold before you.

-There is far more to it than this but I think these are the crucial points to be made about what sets this game apart from say, Pillars of Eternity or any other story driven RPG. By the way, if you want to get this game watch this video: ni no kuni 2 free.

To sum things up, this game has the sandbox qualities of an Elder Scrolls game with the storytelling of an old Bioware game. It has unparralelled combat and the best NPC interaction. The story is designed in a way that takes advantage of the open sandbox style elements. This is an essential game.

(Side note – I actually did not really enjoy Pillars of Eternity. So if that turned you off of top down RPGs, know that this is a completely different beast. You should definetly play this. )