GTA 5 Review

Recently, there’s been a lot of negative reviews for GTA 5, so I just want to give my two cents on the topic, and hopefully it’ll change someone’s mind for the better.

*Disclaimer: I have not played storymode as of now (so you can tell I’m an expert on the topic lol). Currently, I have logged 191 hours when this review was written off of only online mode, so imagine how many hours you could get with playing story mode.*

To begin, yes, there is a somewhat long wait to get into online mode. However, if you have an even satisfactory computer relative to what is necessary to run this game, then the wait is bearable. I would be lying if I said there is a minimal wait time, but 5-10 minutes is fine considering I spend three hours playing. Normally, I turn it on, get it running, and then watch a quick YouTube video, or make a sandwich. When I come back, the game is ready to play. Simple as that.

Once again, while the claims that there a plenty of hackers on this game are true, it doesn’t make the game bad. I’d say every 1/5 servers I go on has a hacker, and of those hackers, only 1/2 of them are there to make your day worse. So, about every 10 severs I go on there is a ‘bad hacker’. However, there’s a simple solution; the join a new server option. Then, you don’t have to exit the game, but you do get to join a new server. Easy fix. =)

Lastly, there are some reviews about this game saying that online is too difficult because all the weapons/cars, etc. are overpriced. Keep in mind, I’ve only played online, and never story mode, but speaking from experience, that’s kinda BS. Yes, it takes awhile to accumulate wealth (I still haven’t gotten top-dog stuff after nearly 200 hours), but that’s the fun to it. I don’t care about how it’ll take me awhile longer to get all the most expensive items, because getting there is so exciting. And, to be honest, there are easy ways to get money, and all the really, really expensive items are kind of just showy-stuff; you don’t have to have it to have a great time, but it does surely enhance the gameplay. Also, if you looking at playing GTA on pc, I would recommend ryzatv’s video: gta free!

After all this time, I still hop on whenever I can because the game, and sometimes even the people can be extremely enjoyable. Don’t like the “abundance of hackers”, or just interacting with people in general? There’s a single player online (though seemingly counter-intuative, I’m sure someone has found good use out of it). But, personally, I’ve made plenty of good friends on this game, and I bet that you will as well. If I have convinced even one person to get this amazing game, then writing this review was worth it. Enjoy. =)