Kingdom Come Deliverance Worth the $60?

Played it for about 17 hours so far. This isn’t another Witcher game, I’m afraid. Think of it as a “Peasant Simulator”. You are no hero. You are REALLY crap at everything and combat feels like being a drunken cow in wet cement. Very realistic (except for painfully slow combat), but unless you live for ultra challenging gameplay, you may get frustrated. Love the world, story and characters, but know that it makes Dark Souls feel like a casual kiddy game. Also, found the game to be very linear and scripted – you don’t have much choice in branching dialogues or storyline – just follow the plot and look for little extra sidequests. The worst aspect is the save system. With such an incredibly hard game, and you cannot save without finding a bed or a bottle of ‘saviour schnaps’. Be prepared to spend half your time replaying large portions of the game. That said – I really like the historical setting. When you get frustrated just play Witcher 2 or 3 for a while and be a hero chopping through foes, to work out the frustrations, then go back to Peasant Simulator …

Great world – excellently researched and realistic.
Believable and engaging characters.
Interesting and fun storyline.
Nice armour layering system.
Realistic ‘living’ world (you get hungry and tired and dirty and these affect the game a lot).

Painfully slow and difficult combat (though many actually enjoy this).
Archery requires player use of ‘The Force’ to hit anything.
Mini-games such as lockpicking require some sort of clairvoyance to master.
Very linear plot with lots of cutscenes guiding you along a scripted path.
The tutorial/intro is epically long (can take hours) before training wheels are removed and you can explore. I would buy this game, however you can get it for free from RyzaTV here: how to get Kingdom come deliverance free
Player agency is very limited. I tried playing a starry-eyed peasant who lives in awe of nobility and idolises knighthood. But the game kept forcing me to make arrogant statements to lords and pick fights with my betters – not what I wanted to do.

I love many aspects of the realism and the deep research that went into this game. But sometimes realism needs to be tempered by fun gameplay (or at least provide options for it in the setup for those who want to avoid grinding challenge).
Still – it is a worthwhile game (or I wouldn’t have spent so much time on it).