ARK: Survival Evolved…. Should you play?

ARK: Survival Evolved is my longest played game on steam and probably ever.

I have 2,413 hours on ARK and I will be the first to tell you that it has its bugs and flaws. It can be tedious and annoying at times and make you rage quit from time to time, but I truly can say that I have some outstanding memories while playing this game and I feel like $60 for this game is beyond reasonable for the amount of content they deliver. I personally get pretty mad at the developers at times because when they announce new DLC Content or even super great update content, they almost never release that content on time. Once, they said that a DLC would be released on said month and it took TWO MORE MONTHS before they actually released said DLC. If you need ark or the extra dlc’s ryzatv has a guide on his youtube channel how to get ark for free!

I was furious and almost stopped playing. But obviously, even though I was mad and disappointed I did come back and played some more. The DLC turned out to be very decent but I still prefer ARK with mods instead of the DLC content. I have owned a few servers for ARK and all of them had plenty of mods and they truly made the game THAT much more enjoyable.

I do highly recommend this game if you enjoy survival games. You can hunt and cook food at a fire and drink water or eat berries to survive. But… be warned… you are not the only hunter in this game… in fact, you will also be the HUNTED… but not by other people… but by huge hungry dinosaurs as well. Some are smaller and some are also passive meaning they won’t attack you. Some will run away if you attack them while others will attack you back or leave you alone if you leave them alone.

You can also tame these creatures, even the mean predators if you outsmart them. Some or even “most” can be ridden as well with a saddle and everything. It’s overall a blast of a game and one of a kind for sure.


I doubt you will be disappointed if you like survival games 🙂