Product Review of Natural Skin Care Routines

It’s that time of the year when the blustery wind outside is blowing and the temperature is plummeting down. The rain and snow are cold and wet on your skin. Then you want to come home and sit in a nice hot tub of water to warm your bones after running around out there in that cold weather. What happens next is your skin is taking a beating and the damage leaves you feeling dry and itchy. It’s a miserable feeling and since our largest organ of our body is our skin that’s a lot of misery.
I have tried all kinds of hand and body lotions including baby oil. Some leave me feeling sticky all over and some have fragrances that get my allergies going in full force. Some just don’t heal my skin at all. A coworker last winter suggested Tea Tree Hand and Body Lotion when I complained of itchy skin. I found a one quart bottle of it for less than $3.00 at the Rite Aid Pharmacy in my town. Now I use it all the time because it contains tea tree leaf oil which is a natural antiseptic.

After doing some research on tea tree leaf oil I found out a lot of interesting facts about it. Tea tree leaves have been used by Australian aboriginals for healing cuts, burns, and infections because of its natural antiseptic. It also helps relieve sunburn and rashes. Adding a few drops of tea tree leaf oil to your shampoo bottle will help relieve and heal a dry scalp. Queen Helene also has a shampoo that you can purchase that has tea tree leaf oil.

When you are working in healthcare in large facilities, or you have children who go to school you worry about skin parasites. Tea tree leaf oil has also been known to ward off head lice and scabies. Since I do work in healthcare I wash my hands continuously which leaves them very dry and chapped. A good lotion is needed to keep them in good shape. This lotion can be used on the face, hands and body.

Some suggestions for taking care of your skin in the winter are to dress warm and apply lotion daily. After washing hands dry well and apply lotion especially before going out into the cold to prevent chapping. Wear gloves and a cap to protect your scalp. Don’t use too much hot water when bathing. Don’t wash your hair every day & follow this skin care routine. Also take care of your feet. Heels tend to crack open more in cold weather. Use a lip balm for your lips when out in the cold to prevent chapping.