How you can get Lego the incredibles key for free!


Definitely one of the better Lego games released in recent times. The open world isn’t annoying, they do a pretty good job following the movies, and the game is freaking hilarous. I didn’t experience many major game breaking bugs in my story playthrough though the game did crash once. If you haven’t seen the second Incredibles movie yet, you can actually watch it on youtube here: watch incredibles 2 online  you may one to first as the game starts off with that story then let’s you play the first movie afterwards. If you are looking to play this game I highly recommend you watch this video:

Lego the incredibles is quite fun, but it’s definitely coasting a bit on looking good and having dinosaurs. The management aspect is pretty middling, and it has a procedural task/mission system that’s downright stupid, but fortunately it’s also easy to abuse and not very consequential.

There’s enough going on that I haven’t had much down time, and it’s entertainingly chaotic when dinos break out or start fighting with each other. There are a lot of systems at work; most of them are fairly shallow, but they combine well enough. I’m only on the first island of 5, but I think it’s really promising, especially if they keep adding stuff/tweaking the interface. It’s good, but not great yet. Maybe wait for a sale if a bunch of rad dinosaurs aren’t likely to make you overlook some minor flaws.

Also, at the time of this review, the trading cards are going for around a quarter each, which I note mainly because it’s bizarre but partly because hey, that’s about $1 off.

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You can download Jurassic World Evolution for free!


Now we have all heard the news, Jurassic world evolution is releasing on june 12th! Well, today is the day. You can actually play and download the game right now if you watch this guide:

This game does not deserve to be mixed. It deserves to be Overwhelmingly Positive. The game is a masterpiece, and the bad reviews are from dumb players who play on official servers.

Heres what I say:

The idea however and the general concept is what i love. I love the open world and being surrounded by dinosaurs an being able to interact with them.
It has great potential but it definitely requires a lot of patch work!

If your a dinosaur lover or an open world survivalist thrill seeker this game is for you, however please wait until its on sale! I paid $29.99 when it went on sale and even that seemed like a lot now after playing the game and finding out about certain bugs.

HALF of the people who write reviews for this game have over 500 hours. Some people have over 5000 HOURS. This is not a ‘mixed’ game. It is a masterpiece with a few salt inducing things here and there.

Don’t play on official servers. Play on unoffical servers run by good admins or play single player.

This game can be modded to high hell.

This game requires a pretty good PC to run at all, and a VERY good PC to run at good settings.

Just buy Jurassic World Evolution if you cant download it. The devs went all the way through early access with this game and they didn’t quit after they made most of their money.

ONLY BAD THING: This game will make you addicted. You will spend hundreds if not thousands of hours on this game. This game is not meant for casual players, but can be tweaks in single player mode to fit a casual playstyle.

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Lords Mobile on ios and android is SUPER FUN!


Lords mobile is neither a wasted premise nor a bland game. I was shocked to see so many negative or middling reviews when my own experience has been almost uniformly positive. I understand why some people might not salivate over its occasionally derivative gameplay, but the criticism here has been downright harsh. I have also came across some of these amazing lords mobile hacks that can help you get free gems! This game is good. It’s not great, but it’s “fine.” If a better-than-average game with a vampire theme doesn’t interest you, don’t buy it.

Whether or not it’s worth the full price depends mostly on your taste. It’s not Dark Souls. and it’s not Wild Hunt. It is, however, a fun experience in a rich, visually-interesting world with lots to investigate and characters worth caring about. I think a lot of people have gone in with completely mistaken expectations. Lords mobile has charisma, good voice acting, an interesting story, a very involving “citizen” mechanic, and lots to discover. I’m loving just investigating the city and stumbling upon new adventures.

This is my first review and I’m making it because I feel that this game is being misjudged. It’s true the combat could be more challenging and there are too many mobs. There should be difficulty settings because the experience system is flawed.

That being said this game is incredible. The amount of npc character interactions is immense and each of these interactions contribute to a deep level of storytelling. I’ve spent hours weeving my way around a dark and brooding london trying to unlock each npc’s story arc. I’m not doing it for the blood but for the sheer beuty of their lives.

The main story is also astounding in its complexity and rich detail. It is a culmination of all you could want in a vampire game. The hints of lore (sometimes huge doses of the stuff) is enough to pull you in for hours upon hours.

In short I am in love with this game and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys an amazing storytelling experience.

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MotoGP 18 – The best moto game to date? Oh and you can download it for free!


Beautiful graphics, probably the best multiplayer other than iracing, smooth gameplay / works well at high FPS. Great selection of cars and tracks, everything from Group C monsters to road cars. I am really enjoying the new track circuits and new engine types in the bikes, this game is definitely worth a download… Just watch this video it will explain how to get for free: motogp 18 free download There is some off-road tracks and cars but it’s limited for now. As for the actual driving it isn’t as good as say rFactor 2, but it’s pleasantly close and is by no means an “arcade” game. If your on the fence this is the time, PC2 for 25 dollars is a steal! I spent 90 dollars on the Deluxe and I assure you it’s worth it. Is it iRacing, no. But for you guys that want to get into the racing sim world without breaking the bank or putting up with other racing sims that seem to have 10 year long betas (I’m looking at your RF2) this is the game.

The UI could use a little work as there’s still a couple nagging issues with scrolling and whatnot, but its functional and hopefully addressed in the near future. Rain (much like other racing sims) plummets frame rates, but even at 60fps I’ve noticed this game is still smooth.

Most fun I’d say is the mixed classes feature. Don’t take this for granted as the AI is actually pretty decent in this game, and the AI work well other other classes of cars. Overall I can recommend pulling the trigger!!  The only downside to motogp 18 is it will not run on HTC Vive, everytime I go to load the game, it locks up, no matter what im trying to do. Have not yet got on the race track at all. My pc more than meets the requirements. I bought the deluxe V. with all the goodies, and I cant even play the game…


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How to get Battlefield V Beta Key for FREE on pc, xbox and ps4!


Okay, yes you can now play the battlefield 5 new beta… down below i will give my 2 cents on my review of it, but heres how you get your hands on a free beta key: free battlefield 5 beta key

I remember playing this when it first came out. The game was always just silly fun and for the most part was a good community of players. So, I figured I would boot it up and try it again. Wow, not the case anymore. The game as a result of the general community is toxic, and balance breaking updates make it no longer viable for fair public play. The Spy already made this game very frustrating, but the more you play you can learn to (for the most part) detect and stop the spy. However, the soldier and demoman have become extremley powerful through game updates and the item system. Constant one shot kills from these two classes, and the heavy was made weaker which is supposed to be the tank class. Even with the balance problems, with teamwork the game can still be fun if these were the only issues…

I cannot of course speak for everyone that plays, but I can tell you that around half of the public servers we’ve tried over the past couple weeks have blatent cheaters. It is still possible to find a good game here and there on specific servers that watch for it, but those are few and far between. With the blatent hacks (players with young accounts that get all head shots and never miss, see through walls, etc..), costant idiotic banter in chat/voice, and the balance problems it’s just no longer “fun”. The game is dying because of this, and if Valve doesn’t do something it will continue to loose players to other games.

You honestly can’t find a better team based shooter anywhere that’s free.

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Street Fighter 30th Anniversary for FREE in 2018!


What is Street Fighter? Should you purchase and install? Read below and make up your mind…

Survival, crafting, modding, lore, co-op, PVP, PVE, MEGA Base building that frankly destroys the competition with content. Thrall’s (humas that you capture, enslave to carry out your production!)

Vista’s are superb, alternative biomes are worth the adventure not to mention the detail that has been placed in each to ensure that each stands out from the. Detail into available resources at each biome is cleverly balanced, thus making you traverse the map to acquire what you need. Base location and setup is important and mistakes will be made, however mistakes are good! Now if it you want it for free: Street Fighter Free

For me, Street Fighter delivers the brief, massive weapon and character play style customization, boss fights and wide array of mobs to destroy and harvest in many ways. You want to build a city….nothing’s stopping you with many open areas and enough space, it’ll be your own imagination holding you back (oh and will power).

My reccomend playing on top difficulty and set your challange from the start..
Not bad if they actually keep it up and continue and not just drop the game after a year like other devs have done. About the only two things that I can complain about since Launch is the fact that there aren’t any mounts with this big map and starting out, the amount of resources you get from farming vs the amount required to craft is unbalanced af. The initial grind for a solo player on a 1.0x server can be rough especially for a new player and getting to level 20 is challenging and not in a good way as I find myself just in a time suck of running from a/b over and over and over and over getting stone and wood. a 2.0x harvesting server has been the most enjoyment thus far, with a new update!

Other than that they are definitely on the right track.
Perhaps also maybe increasing server sizes. 40 is a bit small for something this big, no?

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Dark Soul Remastered for free?


This game is hilarous, good stories and the combat is amazing

However, the game is like a victim. It’s nice on the outside and when you look at the screenshots and others reviews, but when you actually explore it and play it, its filled with bugs, glitches and i want to keep the game’s deep dark secrets hidden, but honestly i can’t. if you think you can be a psychiatrist to this victim of a game and you can ignore the glitches then sure. Get the game, but i would say wait until further patches if there are going to be any.

Dark Souls Remastered I actually found my new favorite game — even topping the Witcher series.

Graphics are 8/10 — the textures are amazing, though you might notice some lag in their loading, some clipping, etc.
Gameplay is 9.5/10 — Skill trees and progression are highly customizable. Various activities (related to skills) are very diverse, and progression is rewarding. Combat is very fluid. Opponents are not absolute idiots that fight one at a time, so (much more realistically) being outnumbered is a sorry situation, even for high-level Henry, so you might think twice about engaging or actually have to run or surrender. If I had any suggestion, I’d make stealth a bit harder during the day, though — I can be standing in broad daylight in the middle of the road and NPC’s don’t notice me from like 10 feet away (if I wear the right gear).
Story is 10/10 — The drunken merrymaking is realistic and entertaining, the characters are extremely relatable and interesting, and the very fact that they researched into *actual* martial arts for the time was profound to me. I found myself changing my opinion of particular characters as I got to know them.

I’ve fallen in love with this game and recommend it to anybody looking for an immersive role-playing experience. However don’t get this game if you want to be decked out in legendary armor fighting mythical beasts or casting spells. There’s no magic or mythical things. What we do have is a great innovative combat system, lots of humans to interact with (whether you’re killing them, stealing from them or talking to them) and so many free choices its insane.

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The COD: Black Ops 4 Beta is here….. and you can play too!


Black Ops 4, the newest run and gun in the call of duty series, it, could use some bug fixes and improved controls tho. It seems like they should have dealt with all this during Early Acesss. Bodies sometimes fly off into nowhere, unconscious thralls being dragged will do the same. The building, climbing, and walking controls are all excellent. Building places exactly where you want it to, and I have yet to be forced to jerry-rig a structure to build it. But combat… the lock on system needs serious work. You can lock onto your friends, even if youre in the same clan. Numerous times I’ve tried to lock onto an enemy only to target my friend 5 times until I give up. Hitboxes are extremely strange, and attacks that should hit you/the enemy whiff completely. Enemy archers backpeddle faster than you can move forward (despite players having a movement penalty for backpeddleing) and rarely miss shots. Mobs will snap back up after being knocked down and will be mid swing the moment theyre on their feet, causing a knockdown to turn into an undodgeable attack. Your bow is only useful for drawing aggro when you don’t want to pull an entire group. The fun is definitely there, but for a game with such a fleshed out combat system there is just not enough polish to actually enjoy it. However, if you are interested in playing the bo4 beta check out this video: black ops 4 beta key!

The beta is available on ps4, xbox and pc for those wondering, I was playing the beta and it is very fun when playing with a group of friends. If you enjoy shooting games with out guns then there is nothing out there that will beat this game and its well worth the money. Don’t just focus first thing on building a massive fortress.. Build small get some basic stuff and move up the map find dungeons and gain new crafting recipes for weapons and armor and some pvp. Get wooped in pvp? Its time to improve that gear, Build that massive guarded fortress with NPC thrall body guards and start working on enslaving those named thralls that craft much better armor and weapons and drag him/her back to the fortress to be put on the wheel of pain.. broken in then forced to craft you that armor and now its time to get back to that revenge.. the guy who killed you has friends now and your even fight turned into a 1 vs 5 and u lose that new armor.. NOT A PROBLEM its now time as a solo player to do some hard core farming.. (by this i mean slaying thralls till u find that archpriest) once u find him u spend a little time and get that god alter to lvl3 and now its time to summon the clan slayer god to get that revenge. (this is not easy but its very possible) and for those willing to grind will end up summoning a god. Once you have him he will destroy just about any base.
The gods are no easy task and you will rarely see one but for those solo guys who get picked on by a big clan may have the drive to grind one of these gods for his/her use. Try it

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Get your FREE WoW: Battle for Azeroth Beta Key!


My World of Warcraft Beta Experience so far:

Wonderful graphics and art style
Engaging combat
Never run out of things to do

Quest line isn’t translated well to english…leaves one lost and confused at times
One of the grindier mmorpg expansions.

BFA is a great game, i would recommend to anyone who like MMORPG games I will admit the fighting mechanics are unlike any other game i have ever played, no key smashing (besides directional and a few other combonations) but i would GREATLY recommend anyone to play this game… See you on the battle grounds friends 🙂 Oh and if you’re wondering how to get a beta key, just watch this video: wow beta key
I was hyped for the longest time xD i spent a while fishing and gathering and just enjoying the view… well i realized the hard way this game forces pvp and they think it wont be bad with a karma system everytime ur killed the killer gets penalized well… lets just say you will get camped and forced to move if you are in someones “spot” lol… I wanted to do raids and dungeon in parties well apparently the dungeons are just monsters standing around and not instanced and you can do it alone :/ and raids are not here… I should of read into more of the comments i just wish it was pve only servers stayed pve and not force pvp on you after a certain level you obtain… get ready to be flagged and killed 24/7.



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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – MY REVIEW!


The last time I played the Mario series was Mario Kart 7 and man was I good. I’ll be able to cathcup all the cars and reach the top podium after few hours of playing. Note this I only play with keyboard so no steering wheel etc but I don’t remember about the assist being on or not.

Now MK8 is a tough one, I came here with the confidence I had in MK7 and boy was I wrong. IT IS HELLISH TOUGH playing with a keyboard, it makes me reconsider buying a wheel set. Note that all assist are OFF. After 9 hours of on and off playing it, I decided to play with full assist and man, I got the confidence to full throttle at a corner.

Sometimes you just have to let go of your ego (in this case playing without the assists) to have enjoyment in playing. When I’m able to purchase a wheel, you betcha I’ll be playing this hard but for now, a few stages per gaming sessions is okay for me considering my PC have FPS drop after 2, 3 stages including shakedowns.

Best car game I’ve ever played by far but come on 3 years later and its still full price?

The controls you can tweak and the realisim on dirt roads/snow is amazing

Co op you don’t have much choices, I think there were like two circle maps only which was boring! You don’t see other people/AI on road which is really dumb. Race against times only/boring! Where is the option? Well the multiplayer is really fun on the nintendo switch, if you are needing to find friends to play they can get mario kart 8 deluxe for free by watching this video: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for free!

I miss the games where you could buy 20 different parts for your car to improve it. Here you just get 1 upgrade… Buy a new car to be able to play in next race circut with higher class cars.

10/10 if the game had better multiplayer or at least see cars on the road.


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